The idea of that work is my individual response to the topic concerning „Structures of the city” project. The entire concept is based on reconstucting the city plan according to my individual and personal reminescences and memories of my birth place where I spent most of my lifetime. My attempt to revitalize this memory structure supprised me with the fact that we posses in our minds much more detailed portraits form our past than we could ever expect. This project activated my inner process of re-experiencing thoughts, situations and people who are a certain link between myself and the city. That is why I can consider this process to be „regaining of identity” and this is in my opinion the most significant aspect of the work, which formally is a record of that process consisting of various and numerous traces.

The map is a subjective structure including a simple plan of the most important places (highlightened in bold) related to my private life which used to be the centres shaping my identity as well as the places of high importance in terms of relationships. The map has of course numerous mistakes and inconsistencies in comparison to the real map of Tarnow. There are certain gaps and areas which I am not familiar with or the ones which are not attatched to my memories storng enough to draw them.

The work has being created within a week and because of some circumstances and factors it is a record retained at this particular phase of creation.

However, there are still many areas of the city which I find quite clearly in the structers of my memory, for instance: Mościce, Zielone district or strongly present in my emotional recall St. Martin Hill. Without those spots and sights Tarnow would not be the same for me. Unfortunatelly, these places couldn’t be located on this particular version of the map.

The map of Tarnow – The attempt of Reconstuction Based on Personal Memories
graphite, paper, pvc, 68×98 cm, 2014

The Structures of  the City, group exhibition, BWA Tarnów, 2014