The deep structure of the universe tells about the moments, when during several months, working alone in a small room, come over mind thoughts of the purpose and effectiveness of our activities, efforts in search for meaning, values, exploring and organizing our knowledge of the world.
It is a humorous but somewhat bitter tale of a changing character of our knowledge.
On another level, this work results from the situation in which the artist occupies “not usable” space for the duration of his project (after finishing his work the room was demolished). The project changed the character of this space and extended its “life” which initially became a “labolatory” for 3 months and finally for one year.
Apparently the helples space left its deep mark on the artist and on his work as well.

The deep structure of the universe series of 6 photos with texts, digital print on foil, pcv, 32 x 40 cm, 2009