I started my study of a sculpture with a careful observation of the human body`s proportions and the space it can occupy.
The first plaster and clay statues are made in years 1994-96. The following stage is characterised by gradually giving statues a subjective expression through deformieties and introducting a symbol as a means of expression. At that time my understanding of relations between form and content, “beauty” and proportion as well as dynamics and composition was being shaped.
As regards works completed between 1996 and 1999 the form of the sculptures is determined to a great extend by the content and is shown in a symbolic way.
The next step in my way was focusing rather on formal aspects of the sculptures produced, analysing natural structures and constructions for better understanding of relations and forces shaping forms in nature as well as using this awareness while working on the sculpture in order to improve its quality.
As next quite a radical shift of emphasis from content to formal relations between elements is taking place.The theme of the sculptures is being narrowed down to the problems connected with showing the human body, dynamics and motion. External resemblance and realistic description of forms is being replaced more often with abstract structures through which I strive to achieve its formal integrity and complexity.



The Sitting man, clay, wood, h. 120 cm, 1996

The Sitting figure, clay, wood, h. 160 cm, 1997

He and she and…, wood, steel, wire, mounting foam, h. 170 cm, 1997

Figure, clay, h. 180 cm, 1998

She and he, clay, h. 180 cm, 1998