Individual Exhibition "Orangery Gallery", Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko

18. Januar 2020 – 24. May 2020

curator: Anna Podsiadły,

fot. Jan Gaworski, CPS Orońsko,

and J.J.


The series of works I call “Structures of the White”, realised since 2018, has fully developed thanks to the exhibition in the inspiring space of the “Orangery” gallery at the Center of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko. The project assumed a site-specific presentation – the objects were adjusted or completely created in relation to the structural order and atmosphere of the gallery. Most of presented objects play a figure of domestic equipment. These are not so much real pieces of furniture as their metaphysical echo. Our mental activities builds its own being above the visible matter. These objects represent the world of such invisible structures – visual memory, duplicating the shapes of the surroundings … the chair and table were created even in the process of enclosing home furniture with white material. In the symbolic way they mark out the characteristic areas of my domestic activity, everyday rituals, and patterns of moving along home routes. The formal concept of individual objects is designed to visualize the tensions between the sensual order of material reality and the “invisible” world of ideas. The “bipolar” plan of the gallery space encouraged to divide the objects in two “rooms” where the objects refers to the two different state of mind – to the daily, analytical activity and to the time of dreaming. This tension results in my collection of small trophies – on the one hand, thies are charming and sculptural “remnants” taken from the ideal order of nature, or inspiring rests of civilization, which I transform into semantically active “sculptural bodies”, a kind of “essences” that contain an “Alphabet” of formal issues, on the other hand, thies are images or impressions from the world of dreams – not fully conscious content, which I am trying to represent in a real form.